A production laboratory, a delicatessen, a bistrot, a cheese bar, a wine bar: all these realities collaborate to create our idea, wanted by a wide group of professionals. Our team is made of: Designer, marketing manager, food&beverage manager, visual merchandiser, sommelier, chef.

In 2015 this equip transformed our idea into reality, choosing Rome as first location of the zero point.

In the next few months, a second shop was born in the Capital. We wanted a simple, univocal and clear brand: Mozzarella&co.


It`s a shop which let you think about an ancient dairy, based on the concept of transparency.

The appeal grows up mixing traditional concepts and refined materials: the client comes in contact with the excellence of the Italian gastronomy!

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and the take-away cooperate in a ideal location.


The store is made of two modules: production area and sale area.

The production area is composed by a front office (in which packaged products are sold) and a back office (in which the preparation of transformed product takes place, such as pizzas, sandwiches, salads etc.

We try to make our shop unique, inserting some details which can be impressed in your mind.