Our mozzarella is always fresh!
So, we ask why don’t let the people try it “sic et simpliciter”, just like it is.
We also do take-away, served in a practical box which conserves the original taste.


Our pastry is refined and researched, born by high quality products and by the hands of a famous pastry-chef, who has created an “ad hoc” product for us.

But Milk is the real product that makes our croissant amazing: we suggest you to taste them hot, just baked. Our offer ends with some mixes of coffee, that generate an unmistakable taste.


Haste makes waste, we know. Mozzarella&co offers a “ad hoc” menu’, which consume could last as little time as possible.
The offers of junk food are increasing: mens sana in corpore sano!
The salads, dressed with extra-virgin olive oil, the greens and many others dishes, even if eaten quickly, make the rest of the day “light”.


Dave on who tells that Mozzarella is a difficult to digest! Our secret is always the same: high quality!

Through a blend of ancient flour, combined with a long leavening and a search for excellent raw material, our mozzarella finds one perfect partnership.

Our pizza, currently cooked, becomes a great excuse for lunch and, why not, for a persistent languor!


When a hard working day is over, you deserve a prize!

The cutlery of carefully selected cured meats among the most prominent farms, our pizza and our Mozzarella, accompanied by a good glass of wine of our national selection, will surely make your return more enjoyable!


Don’t forget it! Mozzarella&Co is a shop: all the products we use to make our dishes, such as Mozzarella, salami, cheese, conserve or wine, can be also bought as takeaway!

The important dinner, the different lunch: we are always on the tables of the people who look for the high quality!